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Quatrefoil was formed in 2012 to research the history of the villages of Botesdale, Redgrave and The Rickinghalls in Suffolk and to make this research available to all by various means, principally by publishing books. We want to stimulate new and renewed interest in our locality and its inhabitants over the centuries. We aim to inspire people to discover more about local history and to enjoy walking in the footsteps of others.

   people to discover more about local history and to enjoy walking in the footsteps

In October 2012 we were delighted to be granted £6,400 under the “All Our Stories” programme run by the Heritage Lottery Fund. With this money we were able to research and publish eight local history books.

The proceeds from the sale of these books now enables us to continue to research and to publish further local history books. Our LATEST NEWS section to the right contains information about our latest publication and news on our events.

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The fourteenth in our series of local history books was published and launched in September 2017.

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Shops and Shopping

We have reluctantly had to raise the price of our books with effect from 1 January 2018 because of the increased costs of printing. Each book now costs £7 except for the Rickinghall Inferior Church Guide which remains at £3.